Literally Same EP

by Mudbeard

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released March 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Mudbeard New Jersey

Alex Schutz - Guitars/Vocals

Pablo Marti -

Dan Roman -

Gregory Maniago -

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Track Name: Eat Your Ancestors
places everyone, places everyone
it's been a long time coming on
they're at the edges of their seats
and this playwright needs an entourage

draw the curtains
cast the lights
wrap their heads
around a beautiful life

a stage set for a one-way street
roots spread over basalt hearts
the chromosomes are aligned
and the spindles are tearing us apart

we must divide
we must create
we mush leave behind nothing
but a script for our descendants to imitate

we have never been closer to the ground
collapse will pick up speed
like a murder of crows swooping low
talons outstretched, tongues wet
an agony put off another day
A vicious cycle immortalized
by the lack of a better plan

black, nothing but swarming black
where will you go when the spotlights dim out?
pull, nothing but push and pull
you'll burn out long before you make a difference

make a scene
the show must go on
to please a dying breed
pull the strings
tangle the wires into lemniscates
Track Name: Biter
somebody cut the cord
chaos is collective
we're fueling the fire
by sweeping up the floors
pushing cosmic dust under carpets
that line constellated corridors

we've been collared and muzzled
branded the property of preservation

you'd better listen to me
you better bite the hand that feeds

filed out one by one,
content with uncertainty

get up, yeller
you've got a long way to go
we cant put you down
until you've proven what you wont

bite the hand that feeds
and take an opposable thumb with you
Track Name: Closed System
what the fuck did you think would happen?
were you expecting resolve?
did you honestly think
you'd have the means to move on?

oh, love of mine
where will you be
when probability reaps
the last diversion standing

plan ahead
figure something out
end the process while you can

look at the facts
correct me if i'm wrong
but the curve hits its peak
right before it falls off

oh, love of mine
where will you be
when walls of algorithm
rob infatuation of its speed

my beautiful place-holder
romanticized machine
it wont take much longer
before you, too will leave

zeros and ones
love and then grieve
cycle each decimal
rinse and repeat

end me
Track Name: I Don't Care
what's left for me to take?
i've sucked the marrow from life
coughed up a dry husk
a hollow mountain to scale
and scream from the summit,
"i've never given anything before,
why should i give a shit?"

rinse the thrill of the hunt
off of trembling hands
let the virgin blood dry
into irresponsibility
when one door closes
lock them all up
to keep whatever heat
is left in

there are tears in the eyes of the king
only when his indifference
costs him his throne
I've settled in with the cold
leveled acres of forest
to sit in a castle of carelessness

there's a hole in the chest of the king